Adult mom and son

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Healthy Relationships Between Mothers and Adult Sons

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Mother-Son Relationship: Why It Is Important And How It Evolves Over Years

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11 Signs Your Toxic Mom Is Still Affecting You As An Adult

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  2. Kiran
    Kiran1 year ago

    I agree we should follow where the evidence leads us. The evidence we have is entirely consistent with this idea developed by Hammeroff and Penrose. Some of this evidence I mentioned in my last comment, and some of it is discussed in the video.

  3. Arashikasa1 year ago

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  4. Sataxe1 year ago

    You can only strive to live a life of integrity. Be authentic with him. That means do some soul searching and really examine what you want to do here and why. Don't let guilt, other people's opinions (even, or anger guide your decision. Prepare yourself to discuss your choices with him in a real way, no emotions, no more time for sorries. What you have is today, right now, this minute.

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