Angelina valentine

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  1. Faumi2 years ago

    Wow girl, you got my dick hard

  2. Kazit
    Kazit2 years ago

    Pastors are gay, everyone know

  3. Meztilkis
    Meztilkis2 years ago

    Think of this paradox for a second If you have nothing and then say to me that you have nothing , I will point out to you that the moment you gave what you do not have a name (ie nothing it became something, therefore it is impossible for you to have nothing, since by definition, the word nothing is actually something. So did the TRUTH change? No, it just shows how incomplete and imperfect our way of compartmentalizing everything is.

  4. Maumi
    Maumi2 years ago

    DelГ­cia. Topa uma foda ? Quero comer seu cu

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